Welcome to a thriving not-for-profit organisation that offers a supportive workplace culture, fosters personal and professional development, and provides opportunities for career advancement. We are a gender-diverse team, and we value the different backgrounds and lived experiences of our staff. We believe the more diverse our workplace, the wider array of perspectives, skills, and tailored solutions we can offer our clients to meet their unique needs and objectives. If you haven’t found a home yet, and you’re looking to make a meaningful impact while enjoying both personal and professional growth, you’ve come to the right place. Please explore our vacancies. If there’s none currently on display, consider reaching out anyway, to introduce yourself and discuss future opportunities. We’re always open to new connections.

Roles Available:

Permanent roles — Phoenix House currently does not have any permanent roles available.

Volunteers — We always welcome volunteers in any capacity.

Field Placements — Phoenix House staff are all registered within their chosen professions, which include, Accredited Mental Health Social Workers, Registered Social Workers and Counsellors. We offer students the opportunity to work alongside these professionals to obtain their placement hours to meet their academic qualification.

Provisional Psychologist pathway — Phoenix House offers Provisional Psychologists a pathway to obtain their qualifications with the support of a Clinical Psychologist.

To enquire about any of these opportunities, please email [email protected]