The Child Youth & Family Hub

The Child, Youth & Family Hub

Phoenix House offers free counselling and therapeutic supports to children, young people, and their families or caregivers who have been affected by a range of traumatic life events.

Supports can be provided at the Phoenix House office or delivered at a child or young person’s local school, when possible. We can offer online sessions if necessary, and clients can choose to be supported by our Indigenous Cultural Liaison staff.

The Bumblebees Therapeutic Service

The Bumblebees program is for young children aged 3-5 years, targeted at helping them to develop positive self-concepts and healthy strategies for emotional regulation while teaching them Protective Behaviours. Topics are covered in a play-based and age-appropriate format, and include Emotional Regulation skills, Body Autonomy, Early Warning Signs, Personal Space, Privacy, Secrets vs Surprises, and Good Touch / Bad Touch. Individual sessions are available, while group sessions are delivered throughout the year at various venues throughout the region including local early childhood education centres. We also offer Protective Behaviours Education to parents and caregivers. Services are fully-funded by the Federal Government, so if you would like to enrol a child in your care, attend an education session, or have our staff deliver Bumblebees to a group of children in your early childhood education centre, please submit a referral form or call us to discuss.

How to refer:

We are happy to accept self-referrals, or referrals from other agencies where consent has been obtained. If a child or young person needing supports is aged 14 years and under, we do require a parent or guardian to provide consent.