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Counselling & Support:

  • A 24 hour crisis response for children, young people and women who have been recently sexually assaulted
  • Support through the police and medical processes following sexual assault
  • Individual assessment and counselling incorporating the use of a variety of mediums
  • Group counselling for children, young people and adults
  • Information and support for non-offending relatives, carers and supporters
  • Family Therapy
  • A Family Support Worker for Indigenous families
  • Practical support and advocacy at the point of disclosure about sexual violence
  • A resource library and information about issues related to sexual violence
  • Collation of non-identifying data relating to sexual violence within the Bundaberg region



"BumbleBees" is based on the therapeutic pre-school developed at the Kempe Children's Centre, Denver, Colorado, US. The pre-school is provided for children aged between three to six years who are at risk due to sexual, physical and emotional abuse and neglect or from living in an environment that is sexualised or violent. The pre-school operates for two half mornings a week providing a comprehensive assessment and referral programme for young children and families, and therapeutic interventions as required.


Fostering Healthy Futures Programme:

The fostering healthy futures programme aims to provide counselling and support for children and young people who are in out of home care placements because of physical and sexual violence, in order to increase protective factors and decrease risk factors in their lives. Counselling and educative workshops and groups will also be provided for Foster Carers to support them in providing therapeutic care to children and the young people.


Training and Professional Education:

Groups and workshops are available for individuals, groups, and organisations
For example:

  • Therapeutic care (for foster carers)
  • Recognising and responding to children and young people who have been sexually abused
  • Recognising and responding to children with sexually problematic behaviors
  • Working with young people who are sexually abusive
  • Crisis interventions for adult women who have been recently sexually assaulted
  • Therapeutic interventions for adult women sexually abused in childhood
  • Community Education and Development:
  • Phoenix House takes an active part in many community events, and co-ordinates Sexual Violence Awareness Month every October within the Bundaberg region.


Groups and workshops are available to the community, for example:

'Stop It Now'

A group for parents and carers of pre and primary school age children, to support adults in taking responsibility for the protection of children

  • Personal safety and self-defence groups
  • Personal safety and developmental groups for children, young people and women with an intellectual disability
  • Education and Support within Schools:
  • The 'Lets Prevent Abuse' puppet show for primary school age children, and workshops for parents and teachers
  • 'GONNA MAKE IT' Is a short workshop for local and regional high schools students, which examines issues such as dating violence, sexual abuse and drink spiking, using a youth friendly medium of music & video
  • A 'Safe Place' at High schools for young people to talk about any issues related to sexual violence


Stop It Now! Australia (Queensland):

Stop it Now! began in 1992 in the United States, and was pioneered by Fran Henry, a social activist in providing sexual violence prevention, it is a primary and secondary sexual violence prevention programme offering a public health and social marketing approach. Phoenix House, in collaboration with the Stop It Now! Head Office in Massachusetts, US, is developing the first Stop It Now! in Australia, 'Stop It Now, Australia' (Queensland).

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